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Running SeamlessRDP Without ThinLinc

SeamlessRDP can be run without ThinLinc against your Windows Terminal Server by following this instruction:

  1. Get rdesktop 1.5.0 or later from

  2. Get the server side component, "seamlessrdpshell". Pre-built binaries are included in the ThinLinc WTS Tools package, which is part of the ThinLinc Server Bundle. In general, ThinLinc is a proprietary product which requires licenses, but the SeamlessRDP components are Open Source and can be used for free. The "seamlessrdpshell" is installed in "%ProgramFiles%\ThinLinc\WTSTools".

    The source code is available in the seamlessrdp Subversion module, as well as in the "sources" directory in the Server Bundle.

  3. Run rdesktop with:

    rdesktop -A -s "%ProgramFiles%\ThinLinc\WTSTools\seamlessrdpshell.exe notepad"
    Please note that under Windows Server 2008, both seamlessrdpshell.exe and the program on its command line must be published Terminal Services applications. Also, seamlessrdpshell.exe must have command line parameters enabled. This is accomplished through the Windows Server 2008 "TS RemoteApp Manager's" "Add RemoteAppProgram" dialog (remoteprograms.msc).

The TODO file contains some information about limitations in SeamlessRDP. In particular, SeamlessRDP works best with modern window managers.



4. Run the windows VM headlessly
VBoxManage startvm “VM name” –type headless

5. Run Windows apps
If using VRDP:rdesktop host-ip:port
If using bridged network + seamlessRDP:

rdesktop -A -s “c:\seamlessrdp\seamlessrdpshell.exe notepad” VM-ip:port 



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