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Resara Server Community Edition is a powerful, Linux and open source server solution that is easy enough for anyone to use, regardless of their Linux experience. The goal of this project is to create a practical alternative for organizations that need basic server functionality, without the complication and expense of proprietary solutions. We hope you find this feature rich, open source software useful, and get involved with the project!



Active Directory Compatible Domain

Manage and secure your network by joining your PCs to a traditional Windows domain.
  • Create users, user groups, and Organization Units (OU's)
  • Join PCs to your domain in the traditional method/no special software or client side configuration necessary
  • Supports AD user/computer policies with Microsoft management tools

User Management

Create and manage users on your network
  • Enable/Disable Accounts
  • Enforce Password Policies
  • Customize Profile Settings

Computer Management

Keep track and organize the PCs on your network.
  • Secure computer access to your network
  • Organize PCs into groups or OUs

File Server

Quickly and easily create drive shares for your PCs.
  • Create drive maps in a few clicks
  • Assign special permissions for shares
  • Add USB or other media drives for additional storage

Automatic Drive Maps

Easily generate drive maps and login scripts by users, groups, or computers.
  • Generate drive mapping scripts in a few clicks
  • Map by user, group, or computer

DNS and DHCP Management

Manage DNS and DHCP on your local network.




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