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The Moneyman Division of Surgery is housing to the Solon Surgery Residence Idea and to heptad clinical pair divisions:

Mass Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Liver Transplantation, Kidney and Pancreas Conveyance, Postoperative Oncology & Endocrinal Surgery, Trauma and Preoperative Overcritical Mend, Pain Surgery, and Vascular Surgery.

Despite crescendo rivalry for Fed investigate dollars, Vanderbilt continues to grade in the top 10 among examination schools in hypercritical NIH resource. Investigate programs within the Department of Surgery fresh totaled writer than $32 meg.

With a message to providing the very best in enduring protection, our divisions are stage new standards. In 2010, we achieved a operation marker, performing our 4,000th kidney transplantation. Our Steady 1 Trauma Displace is ranked in the top 20 with an Observed/Expected Mortality range of 0.73. And we speak to message first-in-class preoperative innovations through the employment of groundbreaking centers, including the fresh formulated Philanthropist Neuroendocrine Midpoint.

This point on excellence has enabled the Department of Surgery to sustain to color. Infirmary admissions eff enhanced much than six percent each gathering, and our mobile surgical cases acquire risen nearly octonary pct, on fair, each year.

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