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cache_peer parent 8080 round-robin no-query
cache_peer parent 8080 round-robin no-query
cache_peer parent 8080 round-robin no-query



You can use the cache_peer directive to add parent proxies which Squid will ask for content. Furthermore you can control whether content will be fetched directly or indirectly with always_direct or never_direct respectively. 


cache_peer parent 8080 0 no-query no-digest
never_direct allow all



An example for weight:

cache_peer parent 8080 0 no-query no-digest weight=1
cache_peer parent 8080 0 no-query no-digest weight=2

In this example it is likely that the proxy from the second ISP will be favored over the first one. 



Option Name: neighbor_type_domain
Default Value: The peer type from cache_peer directive is used for all requests to that peer.
Suggested Config:
	Modify the cache_peer neighbor type when passing requests
	about specific domains to the peer.

		 neighbor_type_domain neighbor parent|sibling domain domain ...

	For example:
		cache_peer parent 3128 3130
		neighbor_type_domain sibling .au .de

	The above configuration treats all requests to as a
	parent proxy unless the request is for a .au or .de ccTLD domain name.


sourcehashLoad-balance parents based on the client source IP


Multi conditions Squid


essentially I want to have a file that has very specific per src ip rules. One file would make things easier to maintain: src dstdomain intranet.loc \n src dstdomain –


acl localnet src acl special src "/etc/squid/special.txt" # All Access IPs acl unlimited src "/etc/squid/unlimited.txt"        # Full Download access acl allow_proxy src "/etc/squid/allow_proxy.txt"    # Allow Proxy sites acl allow_social src "/etc/squid/allow_social.txt"  # Allow Social networking  acl allow_tutorial src "/etc/squid/allow_tutorial.txt"  # Allow Tutorial acl allow_movie src "/etc/squid/allow_movie.txt"    # Allow Jobs acl allow_jobs src "/etc/squid/allow_jobs.txt"      # Allow Movie  #Allow / Block acl goodkey url_regex "/etc/squid/goodkey.txt" acl proxy url_regex "/etc/squid/proxy.txt" acl social url_regex "/etc/squid/social.txt" acl tutorial url_regex "/etc/squid/tutorial.txt" acl movie url_regex "/etc/squid/movie.txt" acl jobs url_regex "/etc/squid/jobs.txt"  #Download Limit reply_body_max_size 3000 KB localnet !unlimited request_body_max_size 3000 KB localnet !unlimited  #Allow http_access allow special http_access allow goodkey  #Proxy http_access allow allow_proxy http_access deny proxy  #Social http_access allow allow_social http_access deny social  #Tutorial http_access allow allow_tutorial http_access deny tutorial  #Movie http_access allow allow_movie http_access deny movie  #Jobs  http_access allow allow_jobs http_access deny jobs  #ACL Allow http_access allow localnet  #And finally deny all other access to this proxy http_access allow localhost http_access deny all


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